Friday, July 31, 2009


The CEO of RESTAURANT DE ODENEHO, MR. AGYEN ATTA SAMUEL, a 24 year old graduate from the Institute Of Professional Studies, (IPS), Legon, Accra realized his potentials in the restaurant industry having worked with various Beach Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and Drinking Spots. The ideas, visions and the passion to run and owe a restaurant after school came to mind when my dear friend Esther Awereh Nyarkoh briefed me on the restaurant industry after I had confronted her for a business plan which was supposed to be written and submitted to my entrepreneurial lecturer (level 300), April 2009.
However, I had a plan of becoming an entrepreneur someday and therefore ceased the opportunity to build on this carrier. The name RESTAURANT DE ODENEHO was chosen because ‘ODENEHO’ meaning; independent motivates me daily as I keep on telling myself that I can do it no matter the circumstances; hence ‘nothing comes to pass until all conditions are right’ and surprisingly this name is my Nicky in school ‘ODENEHO AGYENGO II’.
the location of the restaurant will be known later

To be the established leader in restaurants in Ghana; satisfying customer’s expectations and shareholders by providing a full range of cost-efficient and high quality services nationwide.


I wish to run my restaurant in a classical manner under a conducive environment by giving much attention to the continual improvement in the services provided to highly delight my customers nationwide.

For the achievement of this mission, the restaurant is committed to;
1.Employing people with the aim of reducing the unemployment rate in the country.
2.Provisions of first class services.
3.Focusing on the core business / competencies.
4.Constant improvement in customer satisfaction.
5.Ensure that staff are motivated and have conducive working environment.
6.Tailoring services to suit customer needs as well as expectations of stakeholders

There has always been an enormous increase in the restaurant industry in recent years, due to rapid penetration of entrepreneurs in this industry; the fact remains that mass media, quality services, good customer management relationship and other factors when utilized correctly can still dramatically the fortunes of the restaurant and that will keep it function for the years.
Having numerous works and responsibilities as an individual, I will like Esther Awereh Nyarkoh to take full control over the restaurant. I found her competent because she as a trained teacher and once a worker and a cook to one important personality of Bogoso Gold Limited, has the managerial skills, experience and human resource to manage the restaurant. Philomena Enimil, a cousin who gave me some ideas in drawing my plan, having worked at Akroma Plaza and currently working at Standard Hotel, a restaurant and a hotel industry at Takoradi will be employed as the Chef of the restaurant whose responsibility will be to manage the affairs of the cooking, waiters and waitress department. She has the capabilities and the required skills having worked for about five years. A reputable person shall be employed as the bartender and that person should be someone who has managed a drinking spot before. The growth of every industry depends solely on its financials and as an employer I will employ a staff who is an accounting degree or diploma holder to see to the books of the restaurant. The person will be someone of experience, have some marketing background and be prone to figures.
Even though, all employees will be contributing their quota to the welfare of the industry, these four key employees mentioned above are the potential workers whom I feel will be a great benefit to my restaurant. As an infant industry, capital will be a major problem so to cut down on expenses; I wish to employ twelve workers to be categorize into manageress, chef, accountant, bartender, five cooking staff and three waiters and waitress. It is in my plan to double the management team in the next two years when the industry has gain wider consumer acceptance and taking its share of the market. Increasing employees means increasing profit. Thus when the restaurant’s customers had increase, services are expected to go high since the need to add to already existing employees. The restaurant’s objective is to delight its customers by serving the food and non-food items that it purports doing. The restaurant will be operating from eight O’clock in the morning till day break.


Name: Agyen Atta Samuel
Business name: Restaurant De Odeneho
Motto: Truly Africans
Location: Not yet
Contact: Box Mc 15, Takoradi.
0248034948 / 0272389869 /0209314164

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