Thursday, July 30, 2009


Example of content

Table of Contents
- Business description
- Business formation
- Directors
- Management team
- Business goals/mission
- Business philosophies/identity
- Geographical markets
- Vision of the future

Executive summary
- Main objectives
- Sales summary
- Strategic positioning
- Strategic alliances
- Licenses
- Key advantages
- Funds required

- The product mix
- Sales estimates
- Analysis current product mix
- Competitive research
- Market analysis
- Marketing goals & strategies
- Pricing policy
- Advertising & promotion
- SWOT analysis

Historic analysis
- General view
- The market position
- Income statement historic
- Balance sheet historic

The organizational structure
- Management and personnel
- Administrative organization
- Contingency planning

Restaurant operations
- Restaurant identity
- Restaurant location
- Restaurant premises
- Restaurant layout

Financial plan
- The investment budget
- Statistical data (ratios)
- The return on investment
- Financial projections

Risk management
- Risk reduction
- Exit strategy

- Personal income statement
- Other

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